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Thread: Confused, lost, frustrated by 1.1

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    Default Confused, lost, frustrated by 1.1

    I honestly never had one single patch change damn near every one of my classes before.
    In pre 1.1 I used both a bard and Sabo spec exclusively for pve dungeons.

    Those two specs gave me a support role and a safe hybrid range AoE & single target Dps role.

    Now Trion changed things and I'm confused on how I want to spec.
    Believe me this isn't a QQ post, I'm just completely lost and don't know what the he'll to spec into.

    Right now my other two rolls are an Assassin pvp spec and a Riftstalker tank spec. So I need to find a decent single target, ranged hybrid AoE/single target spec. I don't have the luxury of having one Aoe and one single target spec due to limited role slot availability.

    Also with the Bard changes I have no idea if I'll even be viable in a expert dungeon/rift, raid rift & 20 man raid environment and if I'm not I have no idea how to respec to make myself viable if it's even possible.

    Honestly I understand the need to balance specs, I get it but at the same time I wish it didn't feel like Trion was coming at me at all angles. My RS spec was nerfed a couple weeks ago, Assassin is obviously weak but I'm stuck with it because its my prefered playstyle and now I'm kinda confused when it comes to my other two builds.

    I'm not a L33t player, not someone that could spend all day working out specs on a parser, develop my own optimized macro rotation to the fraction of a second like you guys, I just don't have the time or the attention to detail.

    I'm honestly just freaking lost... Been working out specs on my iPhone all morning and they still don't seem right...

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    I know that feeling. I have a full bard spec for PvE, full sab for PvE/PvP, and MM/Bard for a waste of a slot. I'm not looking forward to going back to the dismal NB/Sin or Sin/NB or NB/BD specs at all.
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