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Thread: Dear Trion, Rangers/Marksman are BROKEN!

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    Default Dear Trion, Rangers/Marksman are BROKEN!

    First of all, I will tell you my experience from both PvP and PvE.
    Im playing different speccs of ranger and marksman Ranger / bladedancer / Assa and in pvp Marksman / assa, and I have tried alot, alot of speccs.

    PvP: Killing a decent healer who knows how to click 1 button is pretty impossible, without any stun / silence effects as marksman. Oh yes, I can get a silence, but then again i will loose all my burst.
    Warriors REALLY like to charge me, instant stun and dead.(You die before u get out of his stun, and u can't even sprint away or use retreat before u lie dead on the ground. I am fullepic and are almost PVPrank 4. Only chanse of killing someone is other rogues!

    PvE: Rogue DPS is awfull. I can do stable 550dps on a boss, but then a Tanking warrior who just respecced DPS and only had tanking items.( Full of green gear with tanking items with Parry / Dodge and full with endurance) puts out 700 dps.

    WAKE UP and FIX IT!
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    MM since day 1 - still playing even after the over-nerfing. Ranger / MM have no synergy, even though they are the only 2 full-range options. MM DPS is laughable. The thought behind pedastles makes no sense, a lot of the skills make no sense. Very low synergy with all of the other souls, often requiring you to take useless skills to get what you need.

    we shouldnt have to "make do" or min/max just to get CLOSE (but still nowhere near) to killable DPS.

    FIX MARKSMAN!!!!!!

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