Got a couple of issues with Assassin that could do with being looked at.

1) Camouflage in the Infiltrator tree gives unlimited stealth, same as Improved Stealth does, but we still have to spend a point in it as Assassin's in order to get Slip Away. Either remove the requirement, or change Improved Stealth to give an additional benefit.

What I would like to see, is Silent Footsteps changed to increase stealth by 30%, and give Elusiveness a 30% speed increase for it's duration. Then change Improved Stealth to give indefinite stealth and a 30% speed increase. That way a stealthed Assassin can use Elusiveness to increase speed to 130%, which would be really useful for catching moving players under the 20% speed boost the Bard anthem grants. The longer we have to chase targets, the more we risk being exposed due to AoE damage. As it stands Elusiveness is unnecessary at the moment (except where closing in on a BM with detection increase) and in PvE being detected by mobs is currently broken.

2) Expose Weakness. The charges for this fall off far too fast due to the large amount of Bleed ticks + weapon strikes. Increase the charges, either by base or by talents, or increase the amount of charges and damage so it scales with how many points are spent in the soul. 51 point Assassin's would benefit the most, for PvE there is no point at all spending that many points in the soul with no corresponding damage increase. You give up far too much from the other souls for it to be viable, and Serpent Stike (lol) just isn't good enough to justify spending 51 points.

3) Bleeds are all well and good for damage, but in terms of bursting a target in PvP they are a bit lame. Any chance of having an ability (let's say Backstab, as it is useless in it's current state) consume bleed effects on the target, and convert them into a large burst of on-demand damage. It would go a long way towards improving Assassin burst in PvP, which is lame at the moment unless you get a lucky crit streak.

Failing that, some form of ability which can do large burst damage to a target that is below 30% health (same as Deathblow) would be a huge benefit, Assassin's are already very easy to control unless they spec heavily into RS for the mobility, not being able to finish a target quickly when you need to is one of the bigger failings in the spec. If Final Blow doesn't crit, it takes too long to build up for more damage that they often get healed.

25-50% increased chance to crit on Final Blow when a target is below 30% health would be fantastic, but I imagine it would be OP for PvE raid bosses. Either that or a damage increase when below 30%, to make it comparable to Deathblow, which is an amazing ability, I really think at least one of the Rogue souls needs something similar.