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Thread: Hey Trion.

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    Default Hey Trion.

    How about adding some tanking leather to the loot tables? I like the idea of Riftstalker tanking, and I like the idea of maximizing my chances of getting into content given the impending sabo and bard nerfs. What I don't like is having to grind badges forever to be viable, especially now that you're increasing the cost of tier 1 gear.

    And throw in some tanking chain while you're at it, would you? I'm sure Justicar would appreciate it. Maybe make it so loot doesn't drop unless unless one of the players is using a tank spec from the appropriate calling, to minimize the amount of whining over "worthless" drops. The system is already smart enough to color code people for tank/dps/healing based on how many points they've spent in a soul, so I wouldn't think it would be too hard to implement.

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    If they did that then Warriors might not get as much of the plate DPS gear that falls like rain, and we wouldn't want that. They're warriors. They have to be able to run multiple viable roles unlike rogues, who only ever need to be bards.
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