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Thread: Stealth is broken. FIX PLEASE!

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    Default Stealth is broken. FIX PLEASE!

    For whatever reason stealth just seems to break randomly. And I mean you are out alone in the woods just running around solo with nothing around you and it breaks randomly. I'm tracing it back to beta 3-4 when this started to happen. It was the result of people wanting to have stealth be a clicky to "unstealth" you and when they did that it broke stealth when they "reverted and fixed it"

    Also Slip Away is pretty fail as it currently stands it has just randomly auto broken on use since Beta 2 ;-(

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    I think they've explained the slip away as being a issue with long term ability queing.
    To qoute them

    What we think is happening here most of the time is if you have an ability queued up via the short or long ability queues it will fire off after slip away which then of course breaks you out of stealth. We do of course want to fix this and in the meantime you can try a macro like:#show Slip Awaytargetexact cast Slip Awayfor example if I was playing as Sweet I would use#show Slip Awaytargetexact Sweetcast Slip AwayYou can even try throwing in a "targetlasttarget" at the end if you really want to.

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