Hi guys:
I'll be the first to say that as far as macros go, I'm a complete nub. I do know that they can be of great assistance to maximizing dps and thus wanted to make some for my current pve dps build. This is the build that I am currently running:


Could someone help me with what a correct macro for this build would be? I know my basic attack is Primal Strike, and that in my rotation I should keep Dusk Strike and Twilight Force on cooldown. I should also keep Scourge of Darkness and Baneful Touch on cooldown as finishers and use Blazing Strike otherwise. Am I leaving anything out? I know you are supposed to do macros in decreasing importance from the top. However, I am wondering, if you have an ability off cooldown but don't have enough energy for the ability, will it skip over it as well? Thanks again for any help.