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Thread: Any AoE leveling builds?

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    Default Any AoE leveling builds?

    Is there any established AoE leveling builds for rogues? I'm guessing something along the lines of a bladedancer, riftstalker, x build, but I would like to see what has been tested and proven effective. Also, what kind of rotations do you employ, and at what level can you truly become effective as an AoE grinder?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I like this one

    Macros look something like this:

    #show Keen Strike
    /cast Disengage
    /cast Reprisal
    /cast Puncture
    /cast Precision Strike
    /cast Quick Strike
    /cast Keen Strike
    #show Twin Strike
    /cast Rift Disturbance
    /cast Twin Strike
    Single target Rotation is Flash of Steel > 5CP > False Blade > 5CP Dauntless Strike > Double Coup then do whatever else you need if the mob isn't dead already

    AoE rotation is Rift Disturbance > 5CP > False Blade > 5CP > Rift Guard > Side Steps > Dancing Steel > spam Rift Disturbance and Twin Strike until everything is dead. Try to keep up 5CP on your current target if you don't spec Rift Guard or Side Steps is on CD.
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