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Thread: Sin/rift/? guide

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    Default Sin/rift/? guide

    Hey all im tired of reading nothing but QQ about Sin rogues on the forums so id thought I'd try to help some of you out by making a simple, straight forward guide with the talents as well as a little about stat preferences. This is the first guide iv ever wrote so its probably not the best. I am not lvl 50 yet but I have done tons of wf's and world pvp as well as pvp'ing in WoW for 4+ years.

    Sin/Rift/Blade Rouge Guide for PvP


    1) Stats/gear
    2) poisons
    3) talents

    1) Stats/gear

    -Your main stats are:
    a) Dex/str
    b) physical crit
    c) Attack power
    d) Hit
    e) Endurance

    -Weps: Although it is not tested it seems that weapons are normalized
    so dps output would be the same with different weapon speeds, however
    by assumption, fast weapons would be good to increase poison procs.

    2) poisons: the 2 poisons I use are Leathel Poison and Leeching poison


    1) Sin/rift/blade: 40/26/0


    In this spec you have mean physical dmg and bleeds as well as 5 teleports for mobility. You also have 15% less dmg taken after opening. You have 15 % more crit and dmg after plane shifting. You have a bubble that absorbs 10% of inc dmg after plane shifting. You got 30% speed increase after plane shifting and also a 2 sec snare, stun and root immunity after plane shifting. You also have Shadow Stalk which teleports you AND REMOVES AND STUNS ON YOU! Don’t get backstab in Sin because it is weak and Savage Strike is better. You also get Hidden Veil in Sin which is extremely good for vanishing out and waiting to reopen…or for just plain getting away from your enemy. I picked up Bladedancer but didn’t put any points in it because all you need out of this soul is Side Steps…this move is friken awesome and will win you fights.

    Mobility= 9/10
    Control= 8/10
    Damage= 8/10
    Aoe= 3/10
    Survivability= 8/10
    Over all this spec is awesome

    2) Sin/rift/infl: 34/22/10


    In this spec you basically do a little less than the above one and you lose you stun immunity when you plane shift. But now u take 50% less dmg for 4 secs when rooted or stunned…which is huge. You also get cleanse soul which is better than Hidden Veil in the Sin tree. You also are down to 4 teleports now. You also get the Break Free…aka pvp trinket.

    Surviability= 9/10

    The first spec is the one i prefer

    Combat for Spec #1(Sin/rift/blade)= my opener on any class is: jagged strike>puncture>impale. this gets almost all of you bleeds on the target. After that Savage strike and final blow, as well as an annihilate finisher. if they start casting and important spell or are almost dead stun them. If you need to stun them again Use Slip Away and open with a paralyzing strike. If you need to interrupt a spell or need a cd that is almost up use Blinding Powder. As a rogue you have a ton of cool downs that will help you survive any situation and kill anyone you want. You just need to be creative

    Hope this was of some help to people

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    humm wont let me edit one of the links so here is the Sin/Rift/Infl build link


    sorry bout that guys
    Calva-level 50 assassin(51)/infltrator(10)/bladedancer(5)

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