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Thread: Would this be a 'better' Charge Booster nerf?

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    Default Would this be a 'better' Charge Booster nerf?

    Like a few rogues, I'm approaching patch 1.1 with sadness.
    I'm still not sure what life is going to be like post-nerf for the Saboteur, but I've been mulling over the changes, and this was just one of my thoughts.

    Right now, in my humble opinion, Charge Booster will be a useless ability, especially with how deep it is in the soul tree. A 50% damage boost for one detonation every 1:30 is a way over-the-top nerf.

    What if, instead, Charge Booster was changed to just double the last charge placed on the target?

    Tooltip: "Increases the final charge placed on the target by 1."

    That would still give some sort of control over which charge is getting boosted, and it still comes into play every detonate, making it actually worth picking up.

    I don't think they ever intended it to originally 'double' the amount of charges on the target, but would something like what I suggested make the nerf more bearable?

    As it is now, I probably won't even pick that ability up after the patch. Just wondering what others think.

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    A while ago I thought thats how they intended it to be, it was just glitched. But with the patch notes it seems like that wasnt the case and they really did want players to stack 10 charges on targets. But yea, changing charge booster to only double the last charge still makes it more useful then what they plan to change it to in the patch.
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