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Thread: So if this crud goes through...what should offset it for sabs?

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    Default So if this crud goes through...what should offset it for sabs?

    So presuming this mess of a 'patch' goes through, what are the nature of changes would be need to
    Sab to offset the changes?

    I 'like' the idea of applying charges & traps from stealth, but imagine the non-sab community would then go ape****.

    Being able to place 'more' traps and that traps/non-blast charges were more 'effective'.. ie:
    Splinter charge does a REAL SOLID reduction to armor value
    Ember does a real/solid increase in non-physical damage
    Annihilation bomb-demo speciliast applied all used charge effects instead of 'just' blast/spike.
    'Stun' charge was bumped to 2 seconds per charge rather than 1

    Ability to place more than one trap, add more 'traps'...and/or duplicate bombs into traps and vice versa.

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    The problem is that the base effect of single charges is insufficient. Charge booster offset that by effectively allowing us to "double up" our effects per unit of time applying charges. The new "active" mechanic being a cooldown and ONLY applying to damage effects is a huge nerf, as it no longer allows us the effect of two stun charges for one GCD, two armor debuffer charges, etc.

    Additionally, this screws us over for fight finishes, as when only a few charges are needed to "finish" a kill, we now are spending double the time to get those charges applied, so we are additionally loosing "cleanup" time at the end of nearly every fight.

    People have already tested on Alpha, and parsed ~550 DPS sustained from range. This pretty much the number I guessed when looking at the Sab changes in the patch notes.

    At this point, unless they roll back the Sab changes, I'm rolling a warrior. I didn't pick the rogue calling to have 66% of the DPS potential of any other calling.

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