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Thread: Riftstalker help

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    Default Riftstalker help

    Ill admit it, if used properly its great for tanking and holding flags in PvP wf's.
    but the amount of DMG i put out is unbearable, sad, sickening!

    Can anybody give me any advice on a riftsalker build that is universal. Quick switch to tank, then switch back to a high dmg dps for 1v1 pvping. I am not into the whole role switching, i like all my skills if i can on one skill bar, then ones i use as self support on a skill bar above. I dont want to have to switch roles every time i pvp and pve. It defeats the purpose of pwning noobs who try to gank you when mobbing.

    So any advice would be great

    much thanks!

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    Ehhhh, in pvp 1v1's I'm able to wittle down a champion as a GP riftstalker, if you're looking for a straight up damage riftstalker, i'm gonna have to say you're probably looking at the wrong soul. Riftstalkers are tanks, with crazy absorbs and mitigation, they don't need damage, nor do i want trion to go out of their way to give it to us.

    Are you from romania? Your english is terrible.
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