I am trying to come up with a versatile build that can take me through solo levelling (currently level 31) and be fun in warfronts. I like the idea of sneeking around planting explosives. I don't need to top dps meters. I do need to have some survivability, some aoe, and some single target. I'm sure if I main soul the saboteur, the aoe and single target will be fine. I'd like to get the 32 point talent in sab, and leeching poison and imp stealth in assasin. I'm not sure what I need for a third soul. I'm also not quite sure where specific points should go in assasin and sab trees.

Should third soul be ranged for auto attacks, riftstalker for defence, nb for 15% damage to combos and finishers.

If I go ranged would MM or ranger be better for PVE/PVP

I realize there is a lot of info on the forums, however it mostly seems geared toward end game dungeons or strictly PVP. I'm hoping to find a build that's sort of a jack of all trades.