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Thread: Assassin's and their poisons.

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    Default Assassin's and their poisons.

    I have played assassin now since about level 12 or so, on and off with my Marksman build. And something struck me once I noticed that there were only four poisons: In the lore of the Assassins, the "Master assassin" let's call him, brewed a poison called Queen Ursula, and that from then on all assassins had their own 'Ursula'.

    I say this because, with there only being four poisons and them being exceptionally linear in when they're used, there isn't much room for customisation regarding your own 'Ursula'.

    Does anyone else agree with me when I say there should be a way for us to brew our own? Such as let's say.. Mix two poisons together for one better poisons but with a slightly reduced effect of the two you mixed (Such as a 25% damage and healing loss from the poisons mixed together) totaling in about 150% damage from the poison of normal ones. - Sorry if that made no sense.

    But yeah, who agrees? Cause the linear route poisons have taken currently don't follow the lore, and I'm a bite of a lorewhore or whatever you want to call it.

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    I'm inclined to agree, but I can see how that might be hard to implement into the game. Right now poisons don't do enough for the Soul. I'm OK with the mediocre damage, but I would like to see the debuffs enhanced.

    Some possible examples:
    • Lethal Poison (option A) – Start at 5% and allow stacking debuffs up to 10% (at an extra 1% per application).
    • Lethal Poison (option B) – Leave crit chance at 5% and reduce enemy’s chance of landing a critical hit on you by 5% as well.
    • Leeching Poison (option A) – In addition to the base damage, apply the healed amount that you receive as damage to the target.
    • Leeching Poison (option B) – When you leech health from the target, apply a 25% incoming healing debuff.
    • Debilitating Poison (option A) – Increase mana/power costs by 50% instead of 25%. Shorten duration to 5 seconds.
    • Debilitating Poison (option B) – Apply a snare to the target, reducing movement speed by 20% per application (max 60%).

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