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Thread: I. Love. Stealth.

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    Default I. Love. Stealth.

    I love it.

    My first (and only) toon so far is an Assassin/Rift/Bladedancer.

    I enjoyed it a lot but when I got permanent stealth, it became amazing.

    I'm thinking about rolling another toon and the only thing that interests me is another rogue.

    So my question is:

    Are there any other rogue specs (besides assassin) that are viable while going all the way to take improved stealth in the Assassin tree?

    I know this is a weird question. But I just enjoy perma stealth -so- much.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Most any rogue can be specced with perma-stealth, and do fairly well. The points requirement isn't drastic. As long as you grab beneficial abilities along the way (crit etc.).

    Bladedancer for example does very well for soloing, even with relatively few points spent, leaving room for perma-stealth if desired.
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    If you need more than 30 seconds of stealth, you aren't killing enough of the opposite faction.

    Try RS, despite the fact it is a tanking soul, the additional damage and mobility you get works really well with Assassin. Going deep for the 30% run speed increase and snare/stun/root immunity means staying on Sabs and MM in PvP is a doddle. The Plane Shift abilities are really cool, in fact, the RS soul and the 1 sec GCD is the reason I love playing a Rogue so much. It offers a lot of possibilities for creative play.

    Deep BD is also fun, but lacks mobility, making it better for going toe-to-toe with other melee. Some great utility in that soul, but damage is lackluster without points in Assassin. It really needs some sort of Armor Penetration built in (in place of Blade Finesse I would recommend, that talent is utter dog****).
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    Of course.
    You only need 21 points in assassin for perma stealth.
    Or 20 points in Infiltrator.
    The rest 45-46 points are enough to put it in other souls.

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