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Thread: Please remove/change Poison Mastery, Poison Potency, Enduring Brew

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    Default Please remove/change Poison Mastery, Poison Potency, Enduring Brew

    It's pretty much unanimous that these talents are terrible. The % dps increase is so nominal that this is the last place any assassin looks to invest their points.
    Enduring brew is also pretty much a waste. The heal is a flat % that doesn't scale with anything, making it less useful the further along you go, and for 1 gcd hitting any other key would be a better bet.

    I could see potency being good if a damage increase that scaled with points invested in Assassin were also
    factored in, aside from that, I'd like to see Mastery and Enduring Brew replaced entirely.

    Maybe place serrated blades in Mastery's place and return it to its 300% glory at 3/3 or 5/5.

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    Enduring Brew is a waste of a soul point, don't know why i would want it.

    But maybe Poison Potency and Poison Mastery can be combined into one? Increasing chance for poisons to proc and increase damage. It would allow for better soul point placement.
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