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Thread: Get off The Sinking Ship that is Rogue

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    Default Get off The Sinking Ship that is Rogue

    *Hands you some robes and some plate, here even take this chain*

    Put on these and swim. Swim and don't look back. We're going down.

    Mayday mayday.

    *Rogues sending SOS to Trion Mission Control*

    *Trion come in...Do you read us?....We are going down. We have been nerfed attacked over...Do you read us? We are being hit....Going down over...*

    * enjoy the event!!!....chhh...chhh*

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    Hop off the crying boat and provide us with an argument that can convince me that rogues are ruined for all eternity. (Take note that I said for all eternity)
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    i find it great that all the bad players that needed a broken soul(sabo) to make up for their lack of skill... now that its getting fixed all rogues are worthless... i was hoping to leave that kinda of stupidity in wow... but alas the morons found their way here

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