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Thread: Bring the player, not the game.

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    Default Bring the player, not the game.

    Sab deserved to get nerfed. Sab is the easiest spec to play for a rogue no matter how you look at it. That is why the dps is better. I am pretty sure that my little sister could put charges on someone and detonate. Be real. As far as bard goes, yea the change does suck but are you really saying that they aren't rigged as is? Learn new classes. I refuse to play sab for the simple fact that its way too easy. The thread about mages getting buffed and why not rogues seems pretty whiny too. A mage is supposed to be a glass cannon and they should definitely do more damage than us. Do you want trion to homogenize all the classes like blizzard did to wow? It ruined wow.

    The people that drool over their dps meters with their elitest jerk raiding guild should stop bringing old habits to a new game. This forum is getting as bad as the blizz forums and it sucks. Trion is not going to kiss the a**es of all the QQers. Listen to the interview. They see what's going on by watching random people play. They are not going to react to every whine a** that's is crying about their rigged class getting nerfed. Trion please ban the addons like it was planned!

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    Yes, hitting 2 macro buttons is far more difficult than playing sab.

    P.S. I don't play sab

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