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Thread: Gear sucks

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    Default Gear sucks

    How come AP sucks so hard for rogues?

    20 AP is a 5 Damage(crit) difference(using a 29 dps weapon), this is with metled skin up aswell. W/ combat pose Backstab is criting for 460. Without its critting for 455. 20AP=5 damage on a crit. Therefore 4ap=1 damage. (with a 25 dps weapon it seems to be 4 damage, 435 to 439)

    4 DPS on a weapon seems to modify backstab crits by about 20 damage. And is much greater than AP. Theoretically it would take around 80 attack power to gain similar results.

    That means all 375 AP i have is worth less than 100 damage.

    It seems like Crit and Weapon damage are the only things that actually manipulate your numbers, to an extent hit would aswell in raids(Shear DPS that is).

    I mean if you were to DOUBLE my gear(Which would seem not likely as you would have to be seeing like 50 DEX on most armor), giving me roughly 800 AP Backstab would be critting for 560? That seems horribly low still.

    Im in mostly T1 T2 epics and blues.

    (for savage strike the AP bonus is worse than backstab as was intentional by design i believe, 20 AP=3 damage on a crit. Using 29 dps weapon and double cross)
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