It's pretty simple as to why: people only pay attention to things that are huge burst damage or keeps them stunlocked.

(note: most of this post is going to be talking about PvE, but since these changes seem to be occuring because of PvP whining, I'll have to talk about that a bit. For the record, I am on a PvP server [Ashstone] and do a good bit of PvP, but since the PvP and PvE changes directly affect each other, I'll stick to mostly talking about PvE)


So what is this Saboteur nerf going to do? Reduce damage over all, except for once every 90 seconds it'll be once again be huge burst damage. People will still whine about Saboteurs being overpowered, when in the reality of level 50 PvP they are at best supplementary burst damage to finish people off before they can get healed.

Meanwhile, between the people who whine that Sabs are overpowered and those laughing at them getting nerfed (why? I don't know. I'd rather every soul in this game be fun and feel powerful), the plight of every other rogue soul will be lost in the noise.

Even after the bugs are fixed, it's pretty clear that Warriors will still be the single-target damage kings. Mages are getting an (appropriate) buff (though I think Fulminate and Ground of Power could use a bit of scrutiny). Clerics are at what seems to be a pretty good place at the moment (though I hope any clerics will forgive me for a spot of ignorance as to what any problems may be right now). But rogues are in a really tough spot: their best PvE damage spec is getting hit pretty hard. Rather than bringing other rogue specs up to do reasonable damage, they're simply getting the best one brought down.


Due to Expert-level boss mechanics, melee rogues are in a very difficult position--they may be able to nearly match (in the hands of a very good player) the damage output of a pre-nerf Saboteur, but they have neither the damage potential nor the survivability of a warrior.

Ranged rogues are also in a difficult position: their damage, as demonstrated on these forums with combat log parses, is generally pretty sub-par as well (why do you think people were using Saboteur so much?). And if your Expert group needs ranged damage, why bring a Ranger or Marksman spec (who can switch to Bard) when you can bring a Pyro spec that can switch to Chloro/Archon?


It's not that Rogue souls are useless, it's that other classes are more useful for nearly all the roles in group-PvE (and group-PvP, for that matter!) that a rogue can fulfill. Since this game is (and should be!) balanced around group-PvE and group-PvP rather than 1v1, these changes seem unwarranted.

It seems to me that melee rogues in PvE should be doing quite a bit more damage than they do now to compensate for their relative fragility. Ranged rogues should also be doing at least enough damage to compare favorably to mages (with compensation for survivability/utility also taken into account).


I'm not threatening to reroll (don't have time to level to 50 again) or cancel (I like this game, even if I'm not playing the most powerful class). I just want it to be balanced so that I'm not playing the class that dungeon groups only want to take if they can't find a warrior or mage.