I can't believe I'm even posting this. I can't stand all the whiny kids that need to L2P before posting complaints about how bad their class is... and regardless of what I say, I know this post will be seen that way by a good many people. However, I feel that it is necessary to begin posting my thoughts and observations on the Rogue in the public forums. Mages cried hard on the forums, now they're getting a huge buff that's globally increasing their damage (which I honestly don't think they needed... they needed individual skill tweeks instead.) Apparently, if you ***** the most, your class gets fixed.

I should note that I have not reached 50, but have played a Warrior to 46 and a Rogue to 47. I doubt that things will change magically at level 50, and from my guild mates I hear that my observations and assumptions are correct.

We all know that Warrior is totally overpowered. Yes, you're hearing it from someone who played Warrior to the high 40s as well as Rogue. It's not a one-sided observation. I run a damage parser when I play... in PvP and PvE, the Warrior is far superior to the Rogue. That much is obvious. What is Trion doing about this? They promised to nerf Warrior and balance the game otherwise. So they nerf the damage on Titan Strike a little bit and reduce the CC duration by what... 2 seconds? We'll see.

As far as Rogue is concerned however, I feel that we were overestimated before the upcoming patch. I agree that Saboteur is overpowered, and it needed a nerf. I also agree that raid-wide AOE Bard heals/buffs make Warfronts boring.

However, I feel that nerfing Bard and Saboteur, but ignoring all the shortcomings of the other souls, makes Rogues the worst class in the game now. Our damage is, simply put, laughable. Keep in mind that I'm mostly referring to PvP.

I could sit here all day and talk about all the shortcomings of all the souls, but I'll just keep it to the point and talk about Assassin. Assassin is the only true stealth class, and from a traditional MMO standpoint, is expected to be an extremely powerful burst-dps class that is squishy, but has a lot of CC/tactical defensive maneuvers. Assassins are meant to be played cautiously, but when an Assassin pops out of stealth and attacks you, your reaction should be "OH CRAP! I'M SCREWED!!!"

It's not like that at all in Rift. Assassin's are mostly worthless in PvP, whether it's 1v1 or a warfront. It's more of a utility class, and even that is handled better by other souls... or better yet, by other classes entirely.

Despite the fact that I played a Warrior first, and that it's horribly overpowered, I prefer to play Rogue because of the playstyle. I don't want to be overpowered, I want to be balanced. With the upcoming patch, there is no reason for any group, PvP or PvE, to choose a Rogue over any other class. I've noticed server population going down... people are quitting before the second month subscription fees come rolling in... Rogues are selling their accounts on eBay.

Trion is handling the balancing issues all wrong. They're buffing Mage damage globally instead of addressing individual skills that needed tweeked... the Warrior nerf doesn't address the real issue at all... Clerics are balanced but there aren't enough healing debuffs (which Rogues should rightfully have) in the game to really deal with all the heals...

Bottom line, the game is really unbalanced right now... and it's going to be worse after the patch rather than better. Rogues are going to be at the absolute bottom of the food chain.

Trion needs to address the real issues, look at the math, and not take the easy way out by just appeasing the kids who think they should be more OP than they are. If complaining like a little kid is what gets things changed, then consider this my jumping on the bandwagon.