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Thread: Post 1.1 any points over 20 in the bard tree us a total waste

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    Default Post 1.1 any points over 20 in the bard tree us a total waste

    As a 51 point level 50 bard (and split bladedancer/nightblade for my melee DPS soul), looking at the 1.1 patch notes, and hearing loads of feedback from raiding guilds that there is little to no reason to bring more than 1-2 bards on a raid, I'm thinking this is the ideal level 50 spec for a PvE rogue in both 5-man instances and raids.

    What does this spec bring to the table?
    With a mere 20 points in the bard tree you can:
    * Buff your entire 5-man or raid with Motif of Bravery (+attack power/spell power), Motif of Focus (+crit hit/spell crit hit), and Motif of Tenacity (damage reduction).
    * Buff your entire 5-man or raid with either Anthem of Glory (the preferred bard anthem) or Anthem of Defiance (increased magical resistance).
    * Buff your entire 5-man or raid with either Fanfare of Vigor (+health), Fanfare of Power (+strength and dex).
    * Debuff mobs with Coda of Distress (increase damage taken from non-physical attacks) and Coda of Cowardice (increase damage taken from physical attacks).

    With Bardic Inspiration your motifs are increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. With one bard refreshing all three he/she only needs to stop DPSing for 3 seconds once every 30 seconds and the 5-man group or entire 20-man raids gets all motifs refreshed.

    I selected Marksman as the ideal rogue main DPS soul to accompany bard for 5-mans or raids for two reasons. First, it has a benefit over melee DPS in that ranged classes tend to take less damage and therefore need less healing. Second, I took marksman over ranger because from what people I have spoken with tell me the ranger pets simply die to easily in heroics or raids which negates a lot of the usefulness of the ranger tree.

    Now, what you lose with this spec by only putting 20 points into bard is the bard's healing ability (but this loss is easily rectified by having a chloro or simply another player for spot healing in your group/raid). The ability to retain most of the bread-and-butter buffs of the bard soul, plus the increased DPS from the marskman soul, makes this IMO the best value-added rogue soul combination post 1.1 for 5-mans and raiding. With this spec the rogue class becomes a true viable support class for those who like to play that role (which IMO is really what the rogue calling has been reduced to).

    P.S. If you dislike ranged classes you are welcome to substitute assassin, bladedancer, etc. for marksman. My rationale for going MM was the advantage ranges classes bring to most encounters in 5-mans and raids.
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