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Thread: Sad about Motif of Restoration (nerf for me)

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    Default Sad about Motif of Restoration (nerf for me)

    So looking at the motif of restoration change, it saddens me. My problem isnt in regard to higher lvl play, but for leveling up. I am currently using NB/BD/ and 12 points in bard for leveling, and im loving it! But, with the upcoming change, it will be nuetered and I will be forced to try out riftstalker or go back to pet tanking while soloing.

    I really dont see how this change is needed. If people are using it for raids, there is a easy fix to it. Change Deafening music so that motifs effect 1/2/3/4/5 more people in your group/raid. Or add in a 1 point talent later in the tree to do the same thing. Motif of restoration is possibly one of the greatest tools for a rogue to use while leveling. Also, this will effect low lvl WFs.

    I could rant on more, but I will leave this here for others to comment, see if they feel the same. if they do, maybe Trion will see this and rethink it.

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    I also used 12 points in bard for soloing as a ranger. I'm unhappy to see such widely available utility become more difficult to get.

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