I've been playing sab alot lately because it was the better range class. I tried ranger and MM, but both have drawbacks I don't like. Ranger being tied to a pet was annoying and MM having cast times sucked. So I went with sab and my PVP build was 21 sin (perma stealth and the stun), and almost everything else in sab. Eventually I was going to add in 10 NB when I got past 40. I wasn't worried about bombs, just max out charges, detonate and booster.

Now with the pending changes to sab it seems they won't have the punch to be worthwhile for PVP. I've tried some open world fights at lvls 28-30 without booster (22 sin/18 sab) and in the end my best fights came from my sab/nb mix with the 30 sec stealth.

I want to have perma stealth, it just seems to kinda be the point for a rogue in a PVP setting, but I also want to have range as I'm horrible at keeping people at melee distance.

Will there be a good build that is damage focused without having to rely on a pet?

Is sab still the way to go and just accept that ranged rogue is going to offer a lot less dps than a mage?

Is rng/sin/nb a good route (I'm assuming pets don't stealth) while ignoring the pet skills?