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Thread: Riftstalker soul selection

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    Default Riftstalker soul selection

    Anybody that's been doing a lot of tanking (levelling or at 50) have any thoughts on what are good complementary souls for tanking? I see value in things like the extra endurance from Bard, the extra mitigation of False Blade and the 5% dodge from Blade Dancer, the 18 point cooldown in Nightblade. I figure at this point a lot of Riftstalkers will have tried more than one combination, so I'm just wondering what's been working for people. Qualitative opinions are fine; I'm not looking for a min/max right answer, just people who've tried multiple specs and have thoughts to share on what works. Anything people have found useful in terms of rotation would be appreciated, too.

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    A) Read the forums. There are about 20 threads in the first 5 pages that answer your question.
    B) If you want to tank, reroll Warrior. Rogues DMG mitigation and agro are terrible.

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