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Thread: Like i said, remove rogue calling already

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    Default Like i said, remove rogue calling already

    So our only viable endgame dps just got hit by a truck, bard is fine but lets look at it this way.

    -sab < no more deeps, just plain useless now >
    -assassin < squishy, some deeps but warriors will still out preform >
    -bladedancer < no >
    -ranger < no >
    -marksman < no>
    -nightblade < same as assassin >
    -nightstalker < warriors do it better and theres plenty of them >

    Only thing we have left now is bard, its replaceable and only 1 is needed. /5 for 15mins still no one wants.

    There should be a sticky right at the top rogue forums informing all new telarians not to roll rogues.
    It's the least you can do for charging 50 dollars+ sub fees for this abomination. And if your gonna
    disagree with these facts out loud, please for ____ sakes be a lvl 50 and have done ateast 1 T1 dung.

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    bard is fine? so our healing went from raid to 5 people....yeah
    Quote Originally Posted by June View Post
    Many have quitted, they are lost almost half of the servers they started. I hop in next MMO for sure. Rift is awesome game but PVP is just crap.
    Lol really now?

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    bd's do dmg but on the same lvl as assasins nothing special but ye. (my main soul is and will always be bd cous i just like em)

    so far from what i read of the notes well its basicly rip sab. and as for bards well there is still that 1 spot in the raid for his few usefull buffs. altough those 2 unique buffs are almost rendered useless if you see that the whole team is getting dragged down for 2 buffs that don't even help that much out.

    i'm already lvling a warrior cous this is just becoming a complete joke
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