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Thread: Things that could help ranged DPS

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    Default Things that could help ranged DPS

    I'm playing MM/Rang/Sin right now. And while I do okay damage (usually can kill something about my level in about one rotation) there are certain things I notice.

    I've got 4 main skills I use; Quick shot, Empowered shot, Splinter Shot, and Dead eye Shot.

    3 of which have a charge time of 1.5

    2 of those have a cool down of 10 seconds.

    All of them can easily miss.

    See where the problem is coming from? I don't know of other energy based classes that have as many charge times and cool downs as that, but Mages and Clerics can more easily get away with them because their stuff is magic based, thus they only have to worry about the enemy resisting the spell, which doesn't happen anywhere near as often as missing.

    Basically, Increase the chance to hit with charged based skills for the MM/Ranger and there should be a pretty significant improvement on average DPS.

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    Might help Ranger dps a little if quick shots optional bleed was a stackable affect, similar to nb's fiery strike.

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