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Thread: Bard Songs: Attack Power, Spell Power, Crits?

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    Default Bard Songs: Attack Power, Spell Power, Crits?

    Just wondering what bard songs are based off of. I know the last I checked, attack power was based off of dex/str. But the songs such as cadence and wrath...are their effectiveness based off of attack power or spell power? Are crits physical crits or spell crits?.



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    Cadence is affected by attack power and physical crit, though it does magic (life) damage. It's also classified as both a "damaging spell" and "healing spell", so greater essences that proc off of those will proc on the first tick of Cadence.

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    all rogue abilties regardless of type are based off melee stats of dex str attack power hit and crit. if you're not convinced do a few cadences on a dummy, watch the numbers, then turn on motif of bravery and look at the numbers again. it's easy to spot the difference at lvl50. it wont be a huge increase but it is noticeable and undeniable
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