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Thread: Rogue White Damage

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    Default Rogue White Damage

    I'm level 50, full t2 and it seems no matter how much my ATK power goes up my dps never changes. Is that intended or what? Ive tried making builds that improve ATK power and auto attack damage but the damage increase has always been minimal and IMO not worth it.

    The only stat that seems worth trying to get is Physical Crit. Anyone know anything about this?

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    Atk power is broken. Phys crit, dex, str (maybe) and endurance.

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    Just FYI: Auto attack is not affected by attack power. This was changed in Beta 6.

    Grabbed the notes

    Quote Originally Posted by Beta 6 Patch Notes
    * There should now be a much smaller difference in damage done with abilities using a fast weapon versus a slow one. This sounds minor but is actually a high impact change!
    * Fixed a bug where resistances were providing less than half of the mitigation they should have been.
    * Increased the base damage on all weapons.
    * Increased the base damage for all Attack Power-based abilities.
    * Auto-attack no longer benefits from Attack Power.
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