I'm having a hard time understanding these incoming nerfs to rogues. I get that both warriors and rogues are getting nerfed, so the going rumor is it will be proportional percentage nerf keeping them relatively the same. All rogue souls except Saboteurs are quite pitiful in PVE. I wouldn't even consider Sabo's OP in pve.

The top dps post I can find is just over 1k from Mercy. She didn't post a parse, which most people would question without data. However, he's got a good rep so lets say 1k dps is top end rogue dps since most of the highest actually posted parses are 800-900 DPS.

The highest warrior DPS parses I could find easily are coming at just over 1300 DPS.

So.... 1300 DPS to 1k dps = (insert high tech maths here) ...30% more dps. That's top end. Average DPS parses are showing warriors 1-1.1k and most sabo's around 800 DPS. Most other rogues are lucky to break 600 DPS before any nerfs. So now we're talking about roughly only 55-80% of warrior DPS.

Why are rogues being nerfed? I can see nerfing Sabo burst some. In fact, my suggestion would be to limit charge booster to just 6 stacks max and then actually BUFF other charge damage. 10 stack charge boost does feel gimmicky to me... either way, that's the only way we can even get within 30% of warrior DPS.

I know Trion devs don't actually read these forums, so this is probably falling on deaf ears, but it's pretty frustrating to me. I've gone bard pretty much because DPS is so pitiful, but now even bards are getting nerfed lol. I really don't get what Trion is doing with this game, but one thing is for sure... rogue PVE DPS is horribly underpowered right now.