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Thread: Rogue on Rogue hate

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    Default Rogue on Rogue hate

    I know it's war.. but I was reading a post in general about how people can let sab's plant 5 things on them before they know it.

    I guess their autotarget when attacked or whatever is broken, or charges don't trigger it.

    However, I seem to be aggressive pursued by more rogues than any other class. In-fact, I think some people get tunnel vision in taking out people of their same class. I guess I do the same thing, red bar = must go play with him/her.

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    It's more due to the fact that right now, pretty much the only sure kills for a rogue is to attack other rogues, warriors are out of the question, and clerics too unless they are pretty bad.
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    Do you mean as a Sab?

    That would be because they represent a serious threat in Warfronts, and along with Bards are pretty much the Rogues that need to be killed the moment they are alive again. A Sab shouldn't be allowed to stack charges and detonate them without being threatened, anymore than a Bard should be able to spam Cadence.

    If you ignore them, your team will pay the price, and as mentioned above, Rogues, especially physical damage Rogues, are a good choice to kill them, as they wont do as much damage to shield wearing Warriors.

    As BD and Sin specs, I go after Sabs the moment I see them, and stay on them until either I'm dead or they are. Sin is a great choice due to it's 30% snare (same as Adhesive bomb, as long as you don't let it fall off they are always in range, unless they have RS) and the combination of bleeds + DD you can kill them really fast, as long as you can stay on them.
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    Well at level 20, my NB completely wastes sab rogues...esp if i pop em outta stealth with ebon fury + dark malady...then i spam fiery spike +chains+ TF to slow em down, then get into melee range and lay a couple dusk strikes then finish em off with blazing fury, and BAM dead without even knowing what hit them. ( I use this similiar technique on mages/clerics/rangers and i get the same results)

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