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Thread: Petition To fix(or possibly adjust?) Attack power!

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    Default Petition To fix(or possibly adjust?) Attack power!

    So, if you've payed attention, at all, you'd notice that your attack power doesn't affect skills that have no %"extra" attack power bonus.

    Now, I'd like to assume this is a bug, but if its not, oh well.

    Trion has stated they don't want attack power as a bonus on auto attack, this is understandable, however all skills that share a global cooldown should get some kind of effect from attack power. This is noted by the fact that skills have +EXTRA attack power, listed on them. So, since sab has gotten nerfed, we need a viable class, trion please fix this bug or modify the system in a way that is melee rogue friendly, because at the moment rogues are really only good for running stones.

    Oh wait.
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    dont' know who told you AP didn't work but that's untrue. it may not scale as well as some people would like it to, but it definitely functions. even cadence, the most spell-like ability in rogue has an immediately visible increase when you add attack power.
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