Hello everyone, I had a few questions I wanted to check with the rogue community about. Currently tryin to put together a good nightblade build and was wanting to see what other ppl have found that works well for them. Still new to this game from WoW (as a rogue of course) and so far I love rogues so much more on here. The problem I am having is what spec/build I should be going for. Also I had a question reguarding a dps meter. I understand that there isn't one developed in game atm, but I have seen several ppl able to post pics or running dps meters. Is there a rule about running dps meters and if there is how can a sneaky fella go about testing his dps through different specs in order to be able to push out as much damage as possible. If there is already a post reguarding nightblades a link would be great since I have gone through pages for the better half of an hour now with zero luck finding a solid guide. I understand that Sab is the FotM but nightblade seems like it has some solid potential for a really fun class. Thanks in advance for the help guys.