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Thread: Can primary bard spec rogue kite?

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    Default Can primary bard spec rogue kite?

    Well, only being lvl 21 makes it kind of hard to test, so I thought I'd ask here. Are there any primary (meaning 51pnt) bard specs that enable a bard to kite a mob (or mob*s*)? I've looked at this for a solo spec with marksman, but I can't get far enough in marksman to test it out for real yet.

    Any input?
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    i occasionally find myself kiting mobs for the amusement of it, sabotour as a secondary soul is handy for aoe damage bomb+aoe slow bomb+ranged charges... all in which are instant+bard running speed increase.

    it's however, usually much safer to just tank the damage and heal though with cadence.

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