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Thread: Nightblade PVP

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    Default Nightblade PVP

    After trying and becoming frustrated with a SIN in WFs...I decided to roll with a NB and have NOT looked back for even a second. Curious to hear opinions on this vs the other rogue pvp options.

    My spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...gkos.Vcbchs0oz

    Spec is based off of defensive abilities with some very nice burst from NB.

    Defensive talents
    NB Tree:
    -Twilight Shelter(80% dmg reduce, 40% dmg dealt reduce)
    -Twilight Transcendence (removes curable effects and immunity for 3 secs) - sabo charges, dots...
    -Blackout (6 second immunity to damage)
    -Fire & Death attunement (15% reduced dmg from fire/death) only a few callings use these skills as main dmg, but 15% is nice, plus the 3% dmg increase.

    RS Tree:
    -Exceptional Resilience - 6% dmg reduction
    -Rift barrier - with improved that's another 15% damage reduction which will be up most of the time as you have 4 plane shifts on a 36 second CD each. Each shift gives you 15% crit and damage for 10 seconds.
    -Planar Refuge - yet another CD...30% reduction for 10s

    BD Tree:
    -Side steps - 50% dodge CD

    I wont go into the offensive b/c its relatively straight forward, keep the plane shift buffs up, but yeah really fun to play in PVP compared to SIN IMO...you will be the one doing the attacking instead of hiding and waiting for the right moment and running away to re-stealth (hopefully).

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    nothing to see here. move along.

    op - perhaps you haven't heard; we don't talk about nightblades. we don't take kindly to those that do.

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    If you want to melee NB is going to be the best option. Sab is going to have range over the NB which is always a big advantage. I wont really say which one I think is better it depends on the situation, but sab is probably easier.

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