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Thread: Am I missing something?

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    Default Am I missing something?

    I made a Ranger and got the pet wolf, but he gets no aggro at all. Am I missing something or is it more practical to continue using the hog while leveling? I hope I'm missing something, because being forced to use the hog as a pure pet class is pretty fail and boring imo..

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    The wolf is not a tanking pet, and he has no threat taunts.

    Only the piggy has taunts. Wolf is for groups (at least until you get the raptor), piggy for soloing.

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    Razorbeast is used for Tanking. He has AOE aggro generating abilities and a single target aggro ability. This pet is best used for Solo questing or an extra Off Tank in groups.

    Dire Wolf is used for single target DPS and if specced high enough he gains to ability to debuff healing. This pet is good for PvP against healers.

    Blood Raptor is AOE DPS with Bleeds and he can heal himself. This pet is good for Group questing or dungeons and PvP.

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