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Thread: A little Marksman/Ranger/Sab advice / help please?

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    Default A little Marksman/Ranger/Sab advice / help please?

    Hello community,

    I was hoping for a bit of help / advice if anyone can spare the time,

    this is my current build; http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfT.VM.xhb0V

    and this is where i am aiming for at 35; http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....ehboV0Auz.V0M

    My current Shot Rotation is

    Empowered Shot > Splinter Shot > Swift Shot > Deadeye Shot!

    So the question i was hoping answers for;

    1) Macros, i was thinking i could put all my combo point generating abilities behind a single macro to bind to a mouse key! i know some rogue melee classes work like this. Is this feasible for ranged rogues too?
    If so, could someone post an example of the macro.

    2) The Saboteur sould; i was thinking of swapping out Sab for Nightblade! My questions would be, do the NB skills that effect ability damage work on non-melee abilities? Ive never really attempted to use the Sab charges during combat, is there a use for them in ranged dps? if so can someone give me an example of spell rotation?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    im assuming that splinter shot = fan out, because there is skill called splinter show.
    dead eye shot is your finisher, dont macro this one (unless you have a buff for finisher or something)
    fan out and swift shot dont have cooldown, so you can not macro these 2.

    you can make this:
    #show empowered shot
    cast empowered shot
    cast swift shot

    When you press this macro, i will always try to cast empowered shot first. If it's on cooldown, it goes to the next ability on the list, in this case swift shot and it casts that.
    If empowered shot is off-cooldown, then pressing the button ONLY fires empowered shot (macro's ingame are limited to 1 ability per button press per macro).

    Some classes can macro most skills into 1 button press. A common one for Bladedancer:
    #show disengage
    cast disengage
    cast reprisal
    cast precision strike
    cast quick strike
    cast keen strike
    This works for them because disengage and reprisal trigger ONLY when you dodge or parry an enemy attack. So unless you have done so, these are on cooldown. Precision strike and quickstrike REQUIRE a keen strike before it. So if you press the button it goes like this: disengage (only available after dodge/parry and has 20 seconds cooldown) -> reprisal (only available after dodge/parry and has 6 seconds cooldown) -> precision strike (only useable after keen strike) -> quick strike (only useable after keen strike) -> keen strike.
    Basicly, then just spam the **** out of that 1 button and they use most of their attack skills (although i personally disagree to put a CC on a macro like that, because timing it is crucial).

    As for NB, yes the damage bonuses do work. Casting sab charges is fairly wasted if you are not going to detonate for high damage. Casting sabo charges deals no damage, unless detonated. So go either of the 2, not both, it's simply not effective.
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    thanks very much for the comments sir.

    Splinter Shot is a dmg DoT 2 combo point skill from the Ranger class, the idea of my rotation was to get to 5 combo points as quickly as possible to get a good damage finisher off.

    Are Sab charges and Marksman Combo points the same? i know that sounds daft, but just occurred to me.

    So, i could basically have two macros bound to my mouse,

    Macro 1:

    /cast Empowered Shot
    /cast Splinter Shot
    /cast Swift Shot

    Macro 2:

    /cast Deadeye Shot
    /cast Rapid Fire Shot

    also can you do the equivalent of pressing tab using a macro?

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    putting points in marks only does one thing for you, lower your potential DPS... marks is a broken tree right now it has nothing in it that will up your DPS in fact it will only lower it

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