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Thread: Buff Backstab for PvE sustained DPS

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    Default Buff Backstab for PvE sustained DPS

    Assassin being my favorite class, I enjoy playing it in most situations. As it stands the only dps type rogue someone will take is a sabo.

    What I want to see is a fair bump in our single target sustained dps, and one thing that will help to that extent is a backstab buff. What I'm thinking is something along the lines of having it cost 26 or 27 energy instead of 30. This would basically put it at about the same par as when you have Fervor running, allowing higher sustained dps for assassins in most PvE situations where you have someone tanking for you. It wouldn't really buff is while soloing all that much, nor in PvP as players know / should know that we do more damage from behind and make tend to not face away from attackers in general.

    I played around a little, to compare Savage Strike to Backstab. More or less I can sustain 230dps with Savage Strike and 265 with backstab. Its a pretty small jump as it is, and seeing as how assassin sustained PvE damage is so so, giving them a buff that would really only shine in a PvE single target long duration fight would be a step in the right direction for the class.

    And yeah, if you stack up Fervor with a cost of 26, you end up with either 23 or 24 depending on how the game handles this stuff, which is dangerously close to making backstab a fully sustainable attack in the scenarios I've described. Or hay, give me back some armor ignoring abilities ;x

    Ah, also, to counter the obviously impending "NO ASSASIN IZ OPENER SPIEK DMG BLAH BLAH", sure. But this change gives us higher sustained damage after that initial opener, which really only shines in long term combat in PvE situations. A lot of PvE situations involve long term combat and assassin isn't -just- an opener, most of our damage comes from combo point generators and finishers just like every other soul.
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