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Thread: Ranger Quick Shot - Resetting the bleed hurt dps?

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    Default Ranger Quick Shot - Resetting the bleed hurt dps?

    I wish I could remember what thread I read this in, but someone mentioned that if you have pts setup to make quick shot bleed and you use this ability to generate combo pts over and over, this causes a loss in dps because the bleed timer is constantly being reset preventing the bleed from running its course. I'm at work now, so can't verify. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks.

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    Buy 2 skills in the ranger tree
    1) piercing shot
    2) crippling shot

    create a spam macro
    #show crippling shot
    cast crippling shot
    cast piercing shot
    cast quick shot

    Your bleed will often get to run to completion because of shot variation/finishers/energy starvation
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