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Thread: Rogue Leveling Build.

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    Default Rogue Leveling Build.

    I'm looking for 2 different builds for anyone who would like to help me.

    I'd like a melee DPS build with good survivability as well as good damage.

    I'd also like a sabo DPS build

    If possible, a build for BOTH lvl 20 and 50 would be extremely helpful.

    -- Will insert at a later date --

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    For what you are asking I would maybe do something like http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1MpiM.VG0h.V0xMh. 13 points in RS is pretty mandatory for the survivability you want. I won't post a build for 50 cuz for all I know I will never see 50, and really just do whatever increases your damage. The heal from scavenging will be plenty to keep you up while questing. Nightstalker will be enough to give you the damage you require, though I suppose you could do blade dancer instead (I haven't messed with that one yet really). Assassin at 0 for the poison for now.. can swap it to BD if you keep NS for the free 50% dodge ability. Oh and I haven't really gone far in sabo tree as you get charges and detonate for free.
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    My primary build for solo roguiing is currently 30 pts Nightblade, 10 pts bard, 10 pts Riftstalker. I'm using the bard for buffs, and the riftstalker to get armour, and other bonuses. I've been pretty consistent working them up 3 pts NB, 1 pt BRD, 1 pt RS.

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