So I am level 23 atm 8 assassin 20 MM and like 1 sab I belie something of the sorts It is basically that. I'm leveling with 2 friends of mine 1 as a healing cleric and the other is warrior tank so there really isn't much of a problem. I seem to pump out alot of are damage from what I can see, but I keep hearing marksmen is really bad atm. I do see the dps loss when I do click empowered shot and dead eye so I do see something needed to be fixed there.

But really I would just like to be able to do a bit better if I could, not sure if it really maters at this low level since I'm with 2 others, but ran IT no problems there. Is there really a better dps spec I should use for leveling with them or dose it really not mater to much at this low of a level. Not like I have to many points to spend atm thanks for the help and info.