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Thread: Is a BARD good in PVP

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    Default Is a BARD good in PVP

    I have only used my bard in pve and never thought of using it in PVP.
    Are they any good?
    What other talent works good with them?
    Can they do enough damage?

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    I haven't gotten to the upper tiers of PvP yet but so far, bards are pretty good in PvP. We're much better in group PvP where our AoE heals and support abilities can boost everyone. In other words, try to stay with the main group when PvP'ing.

    If you want damage though, I'd look elsewhere. I'm usually near the bottom of damage but I use Coda of Restoration a lot as a finisher. Even if I used the damage finishers though, I'd probably be slightly below average.

    As for other souls, NightBlade and RiftStalker are pretty good. Zero points in Saboteur or BladeDancer give nice benefits.
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