Fellow rogues, I know times can be a bit tough if you find sab on the boring side, I've been looking for other ways to be effective in group pvp and found a build I really like. I'm curious who else is rolling this or something similar.


Basically its group pvp melee build, 44 points deep into NB with 22 points in sin for the stunlocks, various crit buffs, perma melee snare, improved perma stealth and ofc some tasty bleeds to add more sustained output.

So far the worse part is all the random AE pulling me out of stealth, I miss hidden veil but can't spare the points for it, tbh a nice melee rogue buff would be putting HV less ridiculously deep the sin tree.

I've been finding it's good sustained dmg under a near constant heal debuff that gets bursty with the right conditions, not like sin which is only burst condition seems to be coming out of stealth with an opener, and only for a short period. Earlier tonight I hit someone for an 1830 blazing strike as they were trying to run, a nice number for a class that isn't entirely reliant on burst dmg *cough*sab*cough*.

Also survivability is passable for a melee class if you manage the two ranged staggers and the 3 nice and varied defensive CD's right.

Thoughts? Who else has given this a try yet?