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Thread: Welcoming Tips on build.

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    Default Welcoming Tips on build.

    SO I was playing a heavy Blade Dancer for quite a while. I loved having 49.5% crit chance with all my buffs and essence buff, but I was lacking hard on the Damage. My highest crits being around 1300. So I went back to a 51 point Sin build http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...ARftsfqddR.V0x.

    Now my highest crit I have gotten is 2268. I love it, but I am wondering about one thing. Should I change the +5% crit chance in Ranger for the 15% increase to Dex in Sabo? I am also welcoming any other constructive criticism.

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    Its depends on what game style are you looking for... you could add 1 point in ranger tree to get the "predatory instinct" and you could not put all 51 point in to assassin and try to get "Heat Retention" from nightblade, that should give you some bigger "Final Blow" crits and extra poison damage, you could also try to buff your poison by getting "enhanced weapon enchantments", there are lot of combination to try.

    The 15% dexterity will scale better depending on your gear and it will give you both AP and crit(but not as much), you need to try it and see how much it is worth to you.
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