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Thread: im not sure its my style

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    Default im not sure its my style

    in any MMO for all my life i always were a mage class (mostly dark mages like warlocks).
    i wanted to open a warlock here but all the QQs made me think twice so i took a rogue instead(I JUST HATE WARRIORS AND I DONT CARE HOW MUCH OP HE IS I HATE THEM),while rogue is kinda fun(world PVP FTW ^_^ ) i feel like its not me.
    if i open a mage it will probably be 51 pyro / 15 archmage or something like that ( i like burst damage).

    any advice?
    im a purely PVP player,i hate PVE and do it just to lvl ^_^

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    I think you would like Sab then. I can pretty much be at top or near top damage on a winning or losing team out of all players in the field. Just need to be aware of the sway of the field and find the clusters. I try to go for targets which I know I'll hit to stack the charges on. Then with a few root/slow and other cc controls you can kind of compare it to a frost mage in wow, with a pinch of hunter freeze trap and a dabble of wtf boom after you fully charge them.

    I don't see a lot of spike till I hit the detonate and often they won't see it coming, least the healers won't to save them.
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    Play what you want to play and ignore the QQers. The game is too new for the issues to be so detrimental yet never be looked at. Changes ahead for everyone, whether they are good or bad we will just have to wait and see so enjoy it for now.
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