Bard(34), RiftStalker(16), NightBlade(16)

Yes, I know this gives up some of the Bard's useful later abilities (not counting the 5 critters following you, oh Pied Piper ) but it has good area healing, good damage and lots of survivability. I designed it for Rifts, mainly.

The RiftStalker tree gives it extra self heals and the ability to moderate damage taken for when someone forgets to keep the mobs off the healer *coughs*

The NightBlade tree adds damage to all the Bardic non-weapon attacks, making it useful for helping take down the mobs and increases the healing because the two main bard heals I use return damage as heals.

Well - it seems to work *shrugs* so if anyone can see any improvements to it, feel free to pitch in