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Thread: Single Target Raid DPS Build - 36/20/10 Assassin/BladeDancer/NightBlade

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    Default Single Target Raid DPS Build - 36/20/10 Assassin/BladeDancer/NightBlade


    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some input on a raid level DPS build based on the Assassin soul. I thoroughly enjoy the assassin gameplay and I believe this build has potential for high sustainable DPS output. I apologize in advance if someone has already come up with something similar to this build in a previous thread but it is very difficult for me to sort through this forum.

    From observation, the 38, 40, and 44 skills for the assassin tree are more or less useless in a PvE setting and any points spent above the 36 mark makes very little contribution to overall DPS. As for Serpent Strike, I have not had a chance to test the ability out and judging from the description of the skill I do not believe it is a justified investment.

    The build is pretty straight forward in terms of priority.

    1. Maintain 5-point Impale on your current target.
    2. Maintain Puncture on your current target.
    3. Use cooldowns when available (Slip-away-jagged-strike, Blade Tempo, etc)
    4. Stay behind your target and use backstab as primary CP generator.

    Any input on how to improve upon the build is greatly appreciated.

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    Take a look at 32assassin/32NB/2ranger if you don't need the hit from BD. A 5cp + 5pt heat retention Impale is very nice when paired with scourge of darkness. I love BD, but the dps is better when you're the one being attacked.
    NB also gives you -80% dmg recieved as an oh **** button just in case. Many pugs i've been in that has given the healers a chance to rez the dead tank while I handle the boss for a moment.

    The damage below 30% health is also nice, 2k+ crits on blazing strike paired with 200ish crits from the fiery spike proc off it not including the dot it causes.

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    I find Bladedancer + Nightblade has great synergy.

    For mobs, Nightblade spammable AoE + Bladedancer Dancing Steel is freaky dps.

    For boss fights, you can stagger out all your abilities for almost constant burst dps. Blade Tempo for 21 seconds > Ebon Fury for 15 seconds > Double Coup for 21 seconds > Ordinary Rotation with two separate skills that build two combo-points each until Rhythmics are up again.

    Not to mention that you have increased auto-attack power, some very nice damage procs (heat retention, anyone?), some OSHTS (Have successfully tanked bosses for 20 or so seconds with Sidesteps + Nightblade defensive CDs in a pinch), and good weapon enchantments.

    It's pretty pro.
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