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Thread: Riftstalker tank builds.. looking for opinions.

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    Default Riftstalker tank builds.. looking for opinions.

    Greetings fellow rogues. I am thoroughly enjoying playing a character of the Rogue calling given the massive amount of flexibility it grants. I am level 34 at present, and have been primarily doing my leveling solo with a Bard/Nightblade/Riftstalker build. I have recently added a 2nd role with Assassin/Rifstalker in it (and I ABSOLUTELY love popping around and stabbing people in the back on the Warfronts with it!) as a great alternative role. I would like, however, the branch out a bit farther a field from what I've been doing and add a tank built role for grouping up for more difficult content. I realize Riftstalker is going to be best choice for primary soul, but what's popular opinion on 2nd soul... Blade Dancer?

    Thanks in advanced for any tips that can be given, or even better.. talents and abilities best avoided!

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    There's plenty of options out there for filling in an RS tank build, but at your level I'd do something like this:


    You pick up some passive and active dodge % from blade dancer, plus a nice cooldown. Strike Back helps you a lot on AoE threat. Reprisal is great for cheap CP building.

    In Ranger you'll eventually want to work up to the damage reduction in tier 2 talents, but I'd always take Ranger with at least 2 points in there for Splinter Shot. I love it for pulls, because you can cast Splinter Shot for 2 CPs and immediately take some action afterwards (because the GCD is finished before the cast); you could immediately Rift Guard, or Shadow Blitz, or just pop a couple more Quick Shots to build up CPs before the mob(s) reach you.

    Finally, sticking points into Riftstalker is never wasted because of the scaling on Improved Rift Guard and Improved Guardian Phase with more points spent in the tree. You will eventually want to put all 51 points into Riftstalker for most endgame tanking. The talents in the spec I linked give you all of the salient tank talents and some fun/flexible tools for utility.

    When you start tanking, just remember that Rift Guard is your biggest source of active mitigation, so maintain it above anything else. Then get up Guarded Steel for the armor bonus and additional threat, and False Blade for some extra dodge.

    Rift Disturbance and Shadow Blitz are your AoE threat generation abilities, and Rift Disturbance also reduces the enemy's Attack Power/Spell Power a bit.

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