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Thread: Looking for some rotation/priority help

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    Default Looking for some rotation/priority help

    So after reading through pages and pages of forum threads I believe that Sab Nightblade and Assassin is the highest dps build for rogues. I am tryin to figure out what abilities I should be rocking in what order so mainly looking for someone that has move experience with this build than myself. Thanks in advance. Here is a link for the build http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....VhxMh.0VMcxcb

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    Sadly this is top dps + boring + lol i even found out Bladedancer beat assassin in dps sad eh? ASsassin suppose to be a assassin how with low *** DPS lol.. BUt for you rotation with that lame spec on single target dont worry about nothing beside
    SPIKE x 4 blast x1 DENOTE BOOM!
    then place of of the
    blast / ember / caltrop / splinter / shrapnel BOOOMdone

    + plus i made a sweet ranger BUILD pull 600 dps 3 buttons also FTW

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