i dont get it.

why do i always read sentences like:
"my leveling spec is great, it has good dps in a group, too!"
"my raid dps spec is so nice, it also does good AoE damage"
and so on...?
why would you ever use your leveling spec for anything else than leveling?
Why would you use the same spec for trash and for bosses?
Why would your PvP spec be good at anything but PvP?

A lot of people still dont get the true calling/role/soul system of rift?
a 2. role costs practically nothing, 3rd is still very affordable by lvl 20+ and you can have 4 total PLUS respeccing is very cheap and you should have all souls of your calling anyway.

if you just change one single point so your spec for X also becomes good at Y you are wasting that point.

so please, stop making this "argument" when disussing specs it is irrelevant.
just switch your role when you enter the WF, switch it before the boss fight, switch it as soon as you get a group invite, switch it when a rift pops up...

your current build gains NOTHING by being versatile. You have other roles for other encounters.