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Thread: What work Well with AS and Riftstalker?

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    Default What work Well with AS and Riftstalker?

    Hello fellow rogues!

    I am hoping to roll a rogue for PVP stealth and possibly some end game raiding. So far I have decided on Assassin and Riftstalker. What would go well with these characters?

    First off is Riftstalker worth the bugs it has right now?

    I was thinking of pairing the two with Marksman, Sab or Bladedancer. I don't want to be gimped by not having a range alternative, is that going to be a problem is I go all melee?

    I am duoing with another Rogue and he is going Assassin/Marksman/Bard

    Thanks a lot for your replies!

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    I'm gonna assume you're after a level 50 pvp specc? yes?
    If so, an Assassin/Riftstalker synergize very well. The defensive abilities and mobility RS offers is exactly what an assassin would need.

    As a third soul, I would get sab with 0 points, giving you a bomb that AoE slows.
    Alternatively get the PvP soul, infiltrator, which will give you Break Free for 0 points - a 5min CD ability that removes all crowd control and movement impairing effects, and best of all it's not on GCD.

    I assume the bugs you mention in RS is where you use a warp and you never teleport, and yes while it is annoying it will never be as terrible as the Slip Away bug (31 point assassin talent) that doesn't stealth you. Leaving you standing there scratching your head, and later on banging on your keyboard.

    It will not gimp you not having a ranged alternative imo, I did 1-50 all melee without much hassle. In fact I can't remember having downtime since level 30-35.

    Alternatively, if you only play with when your friend is on, going ranger would be a valid option. Giving you both basically a tank (greater razorbeast). This pet will hold agro, even from several mobs, and will let your friend do his maximum dps, doing it from behind.

    PS: In all reality, go with whatever feels natural. Mobs will die fast enough anyways, and good luck!

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    0 point ranger is nice, gives you a ranged combo builder and finisher, I use it for solo open world pvp stuff and when I need to solo champs for dailies.

    For group pvp I recommend the sab, big ae snare on a short CD is always useful.

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